We'll hold a event with a 360 video web service, which product should I buy?

Hi~ Our company will hold a event which may attract 1000 people to get on the site and browse the contents cocurrently, most of the transfer might be video and static content (360 video and pano image) then which product should I buy to make the event successfully be hold…? I know basically cloudflare free project can cache video and disperse the flow with a certain limit, How about argo…? it seem like using load balancing technique, can it be a correct choice to conquer this problem. Thanks you very much~

I think CloudFlare will not Cache any Videos in free plan.
(see https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200172516-Understanding-Cloudflare-s-CDN)
Also it will just cache (in free plan) files up to 512MB size, your Video will sure exceed this limit and therefor not beeing cached by this limitation.

But you can try to go with CloudFlare Stream as this is CloudFlares Video Streaming Service. But I to be honest never tried it and would (in first case also go a different way)

For handeling a 1000 visitors at the same time (well not exactly same time but somewhat in the same min) you could easily go with good static caching, or even caching in memory for your normal website!.

When it comes to Videos there are some free Services you can use to also stream 360 video. Like YouTube. You can do this if just offering the video statisfies your needs.

But you may have very special requirements to your video web service which YouTube does not fit, I would try CloudFlare Stream.

If you want you can share your companies domain and I will have a look at it

But I inspected the video header and did found CF-Cache-status being HIT which means it has been cached in cloudflare cdn server…><

Here is the sample site we will provide lately… Hope this help you to evaluate

Thanks for your professional reply :slight_smile:

BTW I use cloudflare free project…

Maybe they use “Cache Everything”
But indeed http://lhy.org.tw/asus/videos/0511_aaaaa_01_8M.mp4 lands on HIT. I think there are two options to do so:

  1. Cache Everything
  2. CloudFlare Stream

If you expect a very high peak in load for a expected time turning on “Cache Everything” will be worth it. May you should consider this anyway. But then you should in this time not change content to often as you would have to wipe the cache to make it take effect.

Maybe some other people here can help you when it comes to Videos a bit more as I never used CloudFlare Stream. But like I said: if you are able to solve it with providing a 360° YouTube Video, I would go for this. Additionally I would anyway, shortly before you expect the high peak of visitors turn on Cache Everything :slight_smile: Hope this helps

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