Welcome to "Tales From the Crypt-o Team"

Welcome to Crypt-o Week 2019 and a full week of Tales From the Crypt-o Team!

While Crypto Week 2019 has already come and gone, with Halloween upon us, we’ve now entered Crypt-o week :ghost: :jack_o_lantern: :skull:! This week, we’re sharing Tales From the Crypt-o Team, stories about work being done at Cloudflare involving cryptography, the spookiest :bat: technology around :bcat:.

Sunday - Tales from the Crypt(o team)

Monday - Supporting the latest version of the Privacy Pass Protocol

Tuesday - DNS Encryption Explained

Wednesday - The TLS Post-Quantum Experiment

Thursday: Cloudflare’s implementation of NTS in Rust

Friday: Delegated Credentials for TLS & Going Keyless Everywhere