Welcome to Speed Week 2019

There have been a couple of mentions in posts already this week, but figured I’d elevate this as it’s going to be a fun (fast) week!

Welcome to our first-ever Speed Week where we showcase some of the things that we’re obsessed with to make the Internet faster for everyone. We’ll continue to update this post with Speed Week Announcements! Enjoy Speed Week 2019!


How we’re making Argo faster and smarter, leveraging the new Cloudflare backbone. Result: See 16% improvement in time to first byte (TTFB).


Optimizing resource handling by the browser with prioritization driven by Cloudflare (Including parallel streaming of progressive images). Result: 50% faster browser rendering using sampled sites.


Delivering image variants using a single master image for every device type and connection. Result: 219KB potential savings in image file sizes based on the 20% of Internet pages with improperly sized images according to HTTP Archive.


New Concurrent Streaming Acceleration that reduces the lag time experienced by live stream viewers. Result: 2 second potential latency reduction for live video.


A collaboration with Mozilla to deliver a binary encoded AST, reducing the parsing time for large JavaScript files. Result: 30-50% improvement in JavaScript parsing performance on the most common frameworks.


New features of the dashboard include a new filmstrip to help you visualize how much faster your page is loading and more granular metrics for desktop and mobile. We’ve also added a brand new feature called “TCP Turbo” that optimizes TCP settings to further accelerate your website.

You can opt in to access the new speed page in your dashboard starting today. Read the blog for more details on the new Speed Page.



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