Welcome to Birthday Week 2020

Welcome to Birthday Week! Each year we celebrate our launch on September 27, 2010 with a week of product announcements. We call this Birthday Week, but rather than receiving gifts, we give them away. This year is no different, except that it is…Cloudflare is 10 years old.

No Spoilers Here

Here are some hints about what to expect this year for our 10th anniversary Birthday Week:

  • Monday: We’re fundamentally changing how people think about Serverless
    If you studied computer science you’ll probably have come across Niklaus Wirth’s book “Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs”. We’re going to start the week with two enhancements to Cloudflare Workers that are fundamentally going to change how people think about serverless. The lambda calculus is a nice theoretical foundation, but it’s Turing machines that won the day. If you want to build large, real programs you need to have algorithms and data structures.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday
    Are all about observability. Of an Internet property and of the Internet itself. And they are also about privacy. We’ll roll out new functionality so you can see what’s happening without the need to track people.


  • Thursday is security day with a new service to protect the parts of websites and Internet applications that are behind the scenes.
  • Friday it’s all about one click performance improvements that leverage our more than 200 city network to speed up static and dynamic content.