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Hi you all,
my name is Wilson and Im a a first timer here in support, (never needed before).

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Been heavily using CloudFlare for the past few years, looking forward to learning more and implementing new CF based tools.


Hi :slight_smile:

I love how CloudFlare manages the DNS for a website I manage. I also love the Pro features!

I’m here because I’m having a slight issue with the rocket loader. I hope to be able to post a request for help soon. :slight_smile:


Hello Ryan,
CloudFlare rocks. We upgraded our website services after started working with CloudFlare.

Security, Performance, Flexibility.


hello every one


Hi Cloudflare Community, I’m John and I am the webmaster for several websites. I am learning about Cloudflare and want to use it to secure my sites and shorten page load times.
I’ve run into a problem in that my email service stops working when I activate Cloudflare. I’ve changed the MX and A records to the suggested settings, but that doesn’t help. I hope to find the answer as I browse through the forum.


I’m Chris. I run a site in Australia for artists named Australian United Artists. I am the webmaster though I must say I am self taught and run the site as a hobby more than anything else.

So hello to everyone,
Australian United Artists


Hi there !

I’m Simon, author of the blog Stileex.xyz. I’ve been working with Cloudflare for many years already. I’m using your service for more than a hundred website mainly to speed them up and also to improve their security. And I am satisfied so far :slight_smile:

I’ve even wrote 2 blog posts explaining how to take advantage of Cloudflare:

  1. setting up HTTPS for Wordpress without buying a certificate
  2. protecting a Wordpress website against brute force with Cloudflare

Hope your service will continue to improve :slight_smile:




Hi… nice to join the community… I just add my latest site to cloudflare https://yanisgallery.com/ and also https://cvtugu.com
Thanks cloudflare team…


Longtime web business, 20yrs online now, new to cloudflare


Hi guys

This is Bob, happy to be here.


Hi everyone.
I’m happy to be part of this community.


Hey there! I’m hoping to get some support as a newbie here but I’m unable to post my issue. How does one gain the ability to post?


Hello every body!


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m happy to be part of this community and learn from all of you. I run almost all my sites through Cloudflare these days, it’s just so good.


Thanks, i am Abu Nabil from Indonesia, curently we are using free plan for car rental in lombok island site (rental mobil lombok). Even free plan, but its powerful.

Thanks cloudflare team for doing great works.


Hello! Long time CF user, new to the community.


Hi Everyone, I’m new to Cloudflare. Look forward to learning good stuff in this community.
Edward Byrne