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Hello everyone. I love the service offered by Cloudflare, especially considering that you can get it free of charge (for a small/midsize website). Unbelievable!

Also, I totally agree with the “free speech” policy, and I hope CF will never abandon it.

Without CF, I would certainly have been subjected to a DoS or DDoS attack. Thank you again.


I agree the “new topic” button is misleading and causes people to waste time writing new detailed posts before they find out they are not allowed to post…

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Nice to meet you all, I am new to this community and I am looking for a solution for my problem on my site that using Cloudflare.

Hope to get helped.



Hello guys ! I’m new in this world and i hope that somebody could help me :))


Claudio here!
CTO in an italian Public administration!


Hi and greetings from Phillip Island Australia. I am new to Cloudflare and have a lot to learn lol. I operate a number of Websites, a few of which I now run through Cloudflare . Cheers, Blair

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Hello : )

I use cloudflare for many clients so I will look here many times - hope only for a good reason : )


Hello. My name is Alexander
I have several free websites under de to learn more about cloudflare. im going to switch to business or pro plan before launch. On one site i need websockets but i cannot connect. Websockets are enabled on panel. please help


Hello to all CloudFlare members.
I hope to find answers here to some of my CloudFlare questions.

Have a great day.


Hello everyone, my name is Gustavo Macedo and I use CloudFlare services since 2013.
Current iam a computer science student and PHP programmer in free times. Hope to be able to share good things and contribute with this community.


Hola, cambie los dns, y cuando entro, me sale, no se puede acceder a este sitio, no se encontró la dirección dns



Hello, my name is Thiago!
Thanks for accepting me in the Cloudflare community.
I am a beginner and enthusiastic in web technology and I want to learn and be able to collaborate with the community.

Thank you all!

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Hello, I’m Justin and just trying to setup my first site (without much success).



I’m a webmaster, and a long time :orange:Cloudflare fan :slight_smile: !

Site is TallGuysFree.com and does not contain or link to adult-only content, however, I wouldn’t necessarily open it at work. We consider it PG-13 and less than you’d see on TV. There are shirtless and party photos, but should be absolutely zero remotely suggestive adult-only content :slight_smile:


Ooh, another Victorian! VicRoads here :slight_smile:


Good morning or afternoon. I have been using Cloudflare for several years primarily to host Trudel’s Truth, a blog of some 90 letters with many photographs my mother wrote home to Germany for several years in the mid 1930s. http://lgrossman.com/trudel/ Cloudflare has been very helpful in keeping distribution smooth and fast.


Hello, I’m new in community group. Lets see how I can create a support topic.