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Hi, I’m new, just learning about CF for my customers, main reasons are CDN fir speed and WAF fir security.

Reading loads about Cache and TTL and headers.


Just for record, support closed that ticket I filed, due to me not being a Cloudflare customer (if I simplify it).


We can’t get into support discussions with people who are not the site owner.


Hi Everyone!

We are using cloudflare for our site Hugh’s Report.


Hi, I’m andy. I’ve been into web development as a hobby for about 20 years now. I learned about Cloudflare a few years back from two great Cloudflare employees who were touting the benefits of the free plan - mainly SSL. Since then I’ve used Cloudflare for all my sites for DNS, SSL and of course the ever-expanding CDN.

I have experience optimizing WordPress installations for speed, but have switched to the flat-file CMS known as Grav for its speed and simplicity, among other reasons. I’ve also built sites using static site generators such as Hugo, Jekyll and Metalsmith. One such site is <1MB in size and hosted from an S3 bucket!

Something that makes Cloudflare unique - and somewhat refreshing to me - is the overall level of operational transparency, as well as the steady stream of improvements and new service offerings that are rolled out regularly - even to the free plan! Really cool :sunglasses:

I look forward to following this community, learning new things and maybe even helping out too!

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Hi my name is Mike and I am new to Cloudflare. I am using it to set up and my promote website changes as a small business realtor in Australia


Can someone kindly assist as to how I edit my website url that i gave as it was not the full addresss and it is not functioning. Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks Ryan. Appreciate that. I am working with an associate who has recommended me to establish a connection with Cloudflare and I have made a mistake and simply wish to fix it so I can advance. Thanks in anticipation of your reply.


Thanks you guys so much for this amazing service. It has changed the Internet for the better.


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Hi, My name is Obada and I’m a front-end developer working in Istanbul

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Hi Everyone… good to be here… love communities of happy, supportive people…

thank you for inviting me here