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I never knew Cloudflare had an office in the UK where abouts is it? I’m also in the UK so that’s good to know they’re here too :smile:


Hi everyone!

My name is Dylan. Super excited to be part of this community! I’ve been using Cloudflare for years mostly for the DNS, CDN, and DDoS mitigation, however lately I’ve been getting more familiar with all the other awesome features Cloudflare offers.


Hi everyone!

I glad to know this community!


I’m Niklas and excitted to be apart of this community, as others here I’ve used cloudlfare for mixed sites both personal and enterprise.

I do experiment some with TLSv1.3 and ciphers as well as DNS and security in general.
Looking forward to be apart of the feature growth of cloudflare.


The London office is the second biggest CF Office currently. We are based by London Bridge!.

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Hi there. I’m Lunorian a web developer in North Carolina :slight_smile:


Howdy Everyone!

My name is Kirk W. I am a support engineer at Cloudflare at the San Francisco office. Always happy to help and looking forward to seeing this community grow.


Hello, I seem unable to create a new topic :-/


Whenever I try that (in DNS category), I get a window with You are not permitted to view the requested resource.


You need to read a bit more topic and be active on the forum to be able to do that. It’s based on the forum’s trust levels and permissions.


I see, thanks. Can you suggest a place where to report broken DNSSEC served for vizio.com.cdn.cloudflare.net?


You could try contact support


Right, I filed a support ticket, even though I’m not a customer of Cloudlfare…


Hi everyone and thanks to all that made this Community possible. :slight_smile:

My name is Steve and I’ve been a novice user of Cloudflare for a couple years and now with the input and help of this Community I hope to move from novice to knowledgeable.

I am not a coder but can copy & paste like a pro. I’m a huge WordPress geek so while I learn as much as I can about proper Cloudflare configurations, I’ll help as much as allowed in any WordPress related questions that pop up.

Thanks again.

  • Steve D.


You will need to contact the site owner if you need assistance. If they need help they can contact support.


Honestly, I have basically no motivation to fix their domain resolving nor to fix Cloudlfare services, so going through another layer of people won’t do for me. Take it or leave it… I had already spent time doing detailed reports in similar tickets for different vendors, without getting any reaction whatsoever.


Nice! You’re naturally curious and it really helps who wants learn to code.


I managed to send them info in the end, after fooling their checks on phone number validity of their “e-mail” support form…


@vcunat appreciate you passing along the info. We’ll take a look and if possible pass the information you posted along to the account owners.