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Hi, Bruce here. Way back in the day before CF went public, my site pinoy-koleksyon.net was one of the 500 beta testers. I recently put it to sleep after 12+ years but I still maintain the mail server and I have 4 donated MX records for the Honeypot Project and it was because of my active use of the HPP reporting spam IP#s that I ended up being invited to be a beta tester for CF. Keep up the good work Cloudflare. :slight_smile:


Hi , and thanks Cloudflare for being so cool an easy to use.



i am Sascha from germany. I’m working as software developer for one of the biggest managed hosting companies in europe. I’m a big fan of Cloudflare and the continuous improvements, to make the web a better place.

I like the idea of a community and i’m looking forward to meet interesting people and find some inspirations for further projects.


Hello, my name is Marc from cologne/ germany and I am using Cloudflare for many years for my small business WordPress sites and projects and I recommend it to anyone, because it´s a great and easy to use service. :sunglasses:


Simon here! I work at Cloudflare with our Support team in London and have been at the company for about 4 years. When I joined there were a literally handful of us in London and now we’re maybe 20x that size!

I’m really excited to see this community become a place where we can share ideas and solutions and discuss Cloudflare with all of you.


Hello, I am Jake. I work on our Support team in San Francisco. I have been at the company nearly 2 years, helping our customers solve their issues. I have been on a number of communities solving Cloudflare problems for longer than that, however, as I have been a customer of Cloudflare since 2011.

Happy to see a community here, and hope we can see it grow and solve problems.


Hi, I’m Brian. I’m a digital marketer and a longtime user of CloudFlare. My focus is in the B2B space and I’m particularly interested in performance optimization and security, especially as it relates to WordPress.


Hi, I’m Justin. I’ve been with Cloudflare for just a little under 6 years. I’ve been in a variety of roles in my time here, including: Support, Operations, and most recently Trust & Safety.

Looking forward to this being a great community!


Hello everyone,

I’m a beginning WordPress developer and I’ve had a great experience so far on CF. I use $5 a month VPS server from DigitalOcean running Nginx, Redis, PHP7, MariaDB, and Memcahce. With the combination of these optimized stacks and CF, I can serve 2 million unique users per month for $5. I would not be able to do that without CF!

I teach free classes at my university for setting up WordPress and the last session of my class is all about CloudFlare. We spend weeks creating our sites and on the last day we push them through CF and watch them pick up speed. It’s a great way to end a sprint of work.

I spend most of my time benchmarking and comparing the large CDN’s out there. My favorite combination is CF and the Google Cloud for heavy video content.

Some of my favorite things about CF

  • Free tier has a lot of great features
  • Rocket Loader really helps WordPress speed up
  • Page Rules can be very powerful!
  • DNS record switching is fast and accurate
  • I love hearing DDOS stories from Matthew too!

I model 3d assets by day and develop websites by night! I’ve had some bad experiences with aws, gcs, and digitalocean. But CF has always been rock solid for me, 3 years in and I’ve never had an issue on the CF end of things.



I mostly experiment with web infrastructure in development, but have recently started to learn more about production environments. Right now I’m using CloudFlare for DNS only, and I’m looking forward to use more of their services in the near future.

Looking forward to learn more about the web, and exploring more of CloudFlare :grinning:


Hello everyone!

Sean here, I’m the founder of a large website that users cloudflare for pretty much everything we do I’m looking forward to helping follow users.

Cloudflare team thank you for the work you all do.


Hello everyone, Egon here from Brazil!

I am really glad to know that CloudFlare has this community forum now!

I will always try to help you guys out if I can! :slight_smile:


Hello -
I’m Steve Hanson and am the principal consultant at a web hosting - https://cms-farm.com and development - https://cruiskeenconsulting.com company in western Wisconsin. Our company is an optimized Cloudflare partner offering free Cloudflare services on our hosting plans. We specialize in doing high-performance hosting for content management systems, particularly Drupal and Wordpress. I’m happy to talk to folks about using Cloudflare to squeak that last bit of performance and security out of your CMS system.


Hello, I’m Wira Wijaya.


Hello everyone, :slight_smile:
How’s going on?

I am Gulshan from India. I am a addict Cloudflare user. Glad to be here with like-minded people. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to contributing here to learn more from our Cloudflare Community regularly.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi everybody,

My name is Chris. I’m a solutions engineer at Cloudflare :orange: focused primarily on supporting and training partners, MSPs and customers on deploying and managing Cloudflare. I’ve only been with Cloudflare for 6 months, but I’ve been working in the SaaS space since 2001.

Excited to see the Cloudflare community get a dedicated voice through this forum and looking forward to hearing about your experiences using the product and your suggestions on ways we can make it even better.


Hello everyone,

It’s me Binod Jung Bogati from Nepal. Since 2012, I’ve been using Cloudflare (free plan) in WordPress site. Yes, so many things have changed. I’ve great experience of leveraging the power of Cloudflare in Shared hosting. I have been using it to power one of my site with Microsoft Azure (now).

I would like to recommend Cloudflare for WordPress site (or anyone). It’s because its gives better user experience as well as SEO ranking boost with its CDN, HTTPS, Protection.


Hi Everyone.

Glad Cloudflare finally has a forum. Will be a dedicated member as I cannot speak highly enough of Cloudflare. We used it on ALL our sites for nto only DDoS mitigation but also security. We are always looking at new ways to utilize Cloudflare and we get excited when they introduce new and useful features. Keep up the great work and I am proud to be a Cloudflare customer!!!



I work for a large state government organisation that has been using Cloudflare for a number of years.

We use a lot of the different functions to speed up and protect our site, being government we have a large number of people using our site and high value transactions (and high community expectations)


Hi all,

My name is Damian. I am part of the Cloudflare Support team here in the London (UK) Office.
I’ve worked at Cloudflare since December 2015.

Looking forward to helping out here and being part of the community!