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Welcome @henry.tranvan, thank you for sharing the detail and welcome to the Cloudflare Commuity. Same @sirphilmagic, welcome. I looked for the post you mentioned but did not see it, if you’re still encountering issues, I’d go ahead and make another post (not a reply to this thread) and ask the community. @fabien.huet, very cool on the workers app, let us know how it goes!


Hello great mind. I’m Baqi. I managed www.bfocuspreneur.com. I changed my nameserver to cloudflare just recent and I noticed that my website could not open on mobile phones. It’s good joining the problem solvers. Nice meeting you.


Hello. Interested in the new registrar options and why I may want to switch from Namecheap.

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Hello, Everyone,
I am Glad to join this community. I am an entrepreneur, with my recent startup livecricketnow.
I use cloudflare mostly as a free dns and ssl support and have lots of website up here. I also suggest others to use it for the same. The other features I use are the page rules, caching, bot games.
I am always eager to learn and share about new technologies and looking forward the same!


Hello Everyone
I am Tim Paine and I am a professional blogger. Users can visit meaccounting blogs to add something more to your knowledge.