Welcome! Say hello!


Hi, Just a test to confirm that I actually can reply to posts.


yes you can :slight_smile: you may need to read a few topics before you can create your own topic, but the threshold is pretty low.

More details here.

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Hello :wave:

I though I should say hello after my first 75 more or less useless posts. :joy:

I am CloudFlare user for a few years now and use it primarily to protect my servers. I am working as hosthamster -pardon- hostmaster for German Business ISP and do some network support.

Enough said ^^


New user of free edition of cloudflare and for all the fanfare I have to say it is amazing how much value you guys give away for free! Nice work and thanks for helping keep the internet just a little safer


we just can’t help ourselves sometimes :logopulse:


The first “hit” is always free. :wink:


Hi, my name is vincent

I decided to check out cloudflare after reading the announcement, and just wanted to pop in and say thanks :pray:t2:


Happy to be in Cloduflare community. Also wanted to say thanks for DNS.

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Hi Jules,

I am new to Cloudflare and I added 3 sites to my account but the getting error message and the URL isn’t secure. How can you assist me .


Hi Guishan,

I am having issues with my Free CF sites. I added 3 sites to CF but still getting errors…Can you assist , please.


Please search for an existing topic that matches the specifics of your issue, or create a new topic.


kmt ok thanks for the help



Bhanu Sharma from AirMagic/ORNG.co this side. We’re using cloudflare for a long time to manage our DNS and it works great so far.

Thanks for it now helps all of our machines resolve DNS much faster & reliably.


Hello world :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello everyone, there’s nothing I love more than Cloudflare and PHP! :cupid:


Hi Everyone,

I’m new to Cloudflare.com

I’m not the most technical person in the world so please forgive me if I ask stupid questions.

It’s nice to meet everyone.


Hello there
long time Cloudflare fun :slight_smile: