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Hi my name is Mike and I am new to Cloudflare. I am using it to set up and my promote website changes as a small business realtor in Australia


Can someone kindly assist as to how I edit my website url that i gave as it was not the full addresss and it is not functioning. Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks Ryan. Appreciate that. I am working with an associate who has recommended me to establish a connection with Cloudflare and I have made a mistake and simply wish to fix it so I can advance. Thanks in anticipation of your reply.


Thanks you guys so much for this amazing service. It has changed the Internet for the better.


I’m getting this error while trying to create a thread.


We are using Discourse’s trust levels to help orient new people.

I’ll bump you up now so you can create a topic of your own :success:


Cheers. :thumbsup: Just be aware that at the bottom of the thread list it prompts you to “create a new thread” and then there is a permission error for attempting to do so without that information.


I’ll relay that feedback to discourse. Should probably grey that out until someone has reached a trust level that allows it :slight_smile:

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Hi, My name is Obada and I’m a front-end developer working in Istanbul

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Hi Everyone… good to be here… love communities of happy, supportive people…

thank you for inviting me here


Hello everyone. I love the service offered by Cloudflare, especially considering that you can get it free of charge (for a small/midsize website). Unbelievable!

Also, I totally agree with the “free speech” policy, and I hope CF will never abandon it.

Without CF, I would certainly have been subjected to a DoS or DDoS attack. Thank you again.


I agree the “new topic” button is misleading and causes people to waste time writing new detailed posts before they find out they are not allowed to post…

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Nice to meet you all, I am new to this community and I am looking for a solution for my problem on my site that using Cloudflare.

Hope to get helped.



Hello guys ! I’m new in this world and i hope that somebody could help me :))


Claudio here!
CTO in an italian Public administration!


Hi and greetings from Phillip Island Australia. I am new to Cloudflare and have a lot to learn lol. I operate a number of Websites, a few of which I now run through Cloudflare . Cheers, Blair

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