Welcome! Say hello!


Hi Every one.
I’m very exited to be a cloudflare member:

Cloudflare help our site at https://www.timnhanhvietuc.com really well.

Our site landing page: https://www.timnhanhvietuc… load 2x faster.

Our site support Vietnamese community in Australia with million user over the month

User can add new content, update …

Site based on Drupal 8, search api, view and sorl.


Welcome @henry.tranvan, thank you for sharing the detail and welcome to the Cloudflare Commuity. Same @sirphilmagic, welcome. I looked for the post you mentioned but did not see it, if you’re still encountering issues, I’d go ahead and make another post (not a reply to this thread) and ask the community. @fabien.huet, very cool on the workers app, let us know how it goes!


Hello great mind. I’m Baqi. I managed www.bfocuspreneur.com. I changed my nameserver to cloudflare just recent and I noticed that my website could not open on mobile phones. It’s good joining the problem solvers. Nice meeting you.


Hello. Interested in the new registrar options and why I may want to switch from Namecheap.

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Hello, Everyone,
I am Glad to join this community. I am an entrepreneur, with my recent startup livecricketnow.
I use cloudflare mostly as a free dns and ssl support and have lots of website up here. I also suggest others to use it for the same. The other features I use are the page rules, caching, bot games.
I am always eager to learn and share about new technologies and looking forward the same!


Hello Everyone
I am Tim Paine and I am a professional blogger. Users can visit meaccounting blogs to add something more to your knowledge.


Hello community,
I’ve only been with Cloudflare for a few hours and can’t get along yet. But I want to protect even more websites and forums with Cloudflare Security, because the hackers don’t have to report :slight_smile:

I hope that I can manage to install a Cloudflar App with success, because it doesn’t work yet. Thanks a lot!


Hello Cloudflare Community,

I look forward to learning from all of this collective talent and sharing/helping where I can.



Hello everyone. it feels so nice to be part of this community.


I don’t think I posted here before (my apologies).

I use Cloudflare to protect the domains I have. I am a former Helpdesk Tech. Now, I just sell ad space on domains, and sometimes I try to sell the domains themselves (e.g., StubbornAF.com).

Happy to be here!


A really belated hello to the Community. New to Cloudflare from 2018. Learning quickly.

Mostly I work with open source developer communities and enterprise user communities. I am delighted delighted to be a part of the Cloudflare Community. Thank you.


I am from Vietnam. Thank for your great service.

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Hello everyone! I started out using Cloudflare for DNS only, hosting my site somewhere else as soon as I bought a custom domain name for my personal GitLab Page. Cloudflare offered resources that my hosting provider did not, and I loved the built in security features available even on the Free Plan (I’ve since upgraded to Pro :tls: with a Dedicated SSL Cert). My experience thus far has been amazing, excepting a few minor glitches which were handled quickly and professionally. At GitLab I host FOSS repos dedicated to hosts and Adblock-style filters which focus strongly on privacy & security for both mobiles and workstations, which explains why I have a hardened personal website. Using the combination of Cloudflare as well as best-practices via a strong Content-Security-Policy & a ‘none’ Referrer-Policy so any site my guests visit after my own won’t know from whence they came for privacy concerns (think Amazon, Google, Facebook & just about any other multinational, e.g., with terrible privacy practices) while relying on Cloudflare’s nosniff & http-only cookie policy, as well as its Page-Rules, it’s Firewall with all it brings with it, etc., I’ve been able to achieve an A+ Security Score from Mozilla, implement HSTS directly through Cloudflare and now be included in all major browsers after a wait period, and am actually PCI compliant which still makes me laugh. Perhaps I need to start a bank :thinking:


Hi all
We just moved www.blessed-hands.com over to Cloudflare from Godaddy. Great speed increase that should help us with meeting Google’s speed requirement.


We were looking for a CDM for our Dallas digital marketing firm and found CloudFlare. It was so simple. Thanks


Open Source :heart: from me!


Hacking is good as it helps to reveal vulnerabilities in code from websites to iOS / Android / Blackberry apps, to OS on workstations (especially Windows! - Linux & BSD are the way to go!). It’s been a ‘dirty’ word these days due to mass media ‘s misuse, intentional or not. Pen-testing is a form of hacking & without is, no corporation - or individual - would be secure against Cyber Criminals. So those two terms - hacker & cyber criminal, are essentially not equal, the former works for good - even so-called “Black-Hat” hackers (take the attendees at DefCon, e.g.) - and the latter for profit, nation-state cyber attacks, etc. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone and thanks to all that made this Community possible.

My name is Hai from Vietnam. I’m a full-stack developer and my hobbies are making some free products, a few months ago, I move a service (https://www.mediawant.com/ - Youtube Video Downloader and more) to CloudFlare and very happy with it. CloudFlare helps me a lot.

Another way, maybe someone happy with my product. Please reply to give me more feedback. :slight_smile: HAPPY CODING

Thanks, CloudFlare Team.


I just experimented with Mediawant using an iPad since I’ve logged off my desktop a bit of time ago. I’ll use it on my system as well, next time I’m on. I like that you offer .deb files since Debian is what I use. Openbox & XFCE are my main interfaces. Regarding iPad downloading, essentially it works, though the improved audio encoding is available only using the packages offered. (Windows & Mac users also have installs to use, though I’ll not be testing them unless I do so w/ Windows 7x64 Enterprise via a hardened VirtualBox install). Attempting to use the download audio only function offered online resulted in an erroneous / corrupted file being downloaded. The only available option to work is the main low-res mp4. That, to me is no big deal as I generally download audiobooks and convert them to audio anyway. Speed was phenomenal! Very impressive on that front. So far, that’s some nice work. I think from a marketing perspective, a highlight of what makes your product better than YouTube-dl-gui available from Debian (don’t recall if it’s from the testing or backports repo…) or to simplify things a basic fact sheet - .txt or .pdf – with tech specs from side by side comparisons in speed, quality of download(s), etc. is perhaps something to consider.