Welcome! Say hello!


Hello every body!


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m happy to be part of this community and learn from all of you. I run almost all my sites through Cloudflare these days, it’s just so good.


Thanks, i am Abu Nabil from Indonesia, curently we are using free plan for car rental in lombok island site (rental mobil lombok). Even free plan, but its powerful.

Thanks cloudflare team for doing great works.


Hello! Long time CF user, new to the community.


Hi Everyone, I’m new to Cloudflare. Look forward to learning good stuff in this community.
Edward Byrne

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Hi good morning


Thank you, I’m bedam nyamto from Indonesia, we quickly use the slowly for package tour in jogja (Paket Wisata Jogja). In fact, slowly, but in power.

Thank you cloudflare troops for doing great work.


Hi my name is Magnus and I am new to Cloudflare. Im just testing


Hi, I’m just here to ask a simple DNS question but can’t figure out how to make a thread. This forum is beyond difficult to figure out


Sorry for the frustration. We limit some functionality until users have looked around a little. It’s actually a very low threshold. More info on that system is below. Meanwhile, I’ve checked your permissions and you should be good to go.


I can’t post a new topic. Is it normal ?


If you read the post you are replying to it says it there. Everyone starts without the ability to post a topic, but if they spend a very little amount of time looking around first it will update quickly. It’s honestly a super low threshold and well below the default settings for the forum software we use.

I see now that you have already moved up, so you should be good to go.


Thank you Ryan :wink: I published the correct topic now. (I’ve god an IP banned on CloudFlare…)

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hello from spain!


Hola! If you would prefer to engage in spanish you can check out our spanish language area here:



hi there, i use cloudflare with all my sites to help against DDOS and don’t stress the server so much with static assets requests. It’s pretty cool. :smiley: Also serverpilot rocks, it’s like bread and butter.
PS: i’m not affiliated with them i just like it, same as CF.


Hello I use CloudFlare to protect my site against DDOS attacks and to low bandwidth usage from static content. I am currently a homebrewer for the video game system known as the Sega Genesis and really enjoy programming for it. I find it very rewarding when you finally get stuff working. My project is currently hosted by Arch Hosting and Bitbucket, they are really cool and so is CloudFlare. :smile: Well bye for now I need to get back to work. :wink:

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