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Hi Zach I just joined Cloudflare and I owe environmentgo.com, schoolgistnow dot com dot ng and bookerpage dot com dot ng and I would like to get them all running on cloud fare soon.
I have already set up environmentgo dot com to run on Cloudflare but schoolgistnow dot com dot ng and bookerpage dot com dotng are still not in yet. I am hoping to bring in schoolgistnow dot com dot ng and bookerpage dot com dot ng if I am satisfied with how Cloudflare works for environmentgo.com.

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Hello everyone. I am just beginning my journey learning about Cloudflare and being a part of this community.


Hi everyone. I need to create topic to ask one important question regarding IP addresses.

i’m new, i have a question about Failover configuration (Monitor , Pool) …
I Have One server in Italy and the second one in Germany, i have set-up the Pool but both seem offline …
( but are online )


Hello there,

I’m Stephane, i’m Solutions Engineer at Cloudflare and based in London. I’m helping our Enterprise customers to get the most of our products and consult with them for their integrations. If you’re not sure if Cloudflare can be a good solution for your business case and wondering what would be the performance gain with us on top of your website, I’m the one!

Looking forward to hearing your Cloudflare’s stories and pains to see where I can help :slight_smile:


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I am Vlad.

I started to use Cloudflare three days ago. And I am very curious to see the diference between Max CDN and Cloudflare



I’m Patrick, I started using Cloudflare months ago, with my Clickfunnels account. Thus far, the experience is great, but I’m definitely in the bottom percentile as it comes to technical stuff that happens behind the scenes.

I’m curious to see whether I can add more CNAME and TXT records to my account so I can authenticate my domain for Mailchimp as well.

Thanks for welcoming a newbie like me here.


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Hi everyone. I’m an SEO consultant and fan of Cloudflare. I use it for all of my sites and recommend it to everyone.



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I’m completely learning all of this from the ground- (cloud up?)

I have a Certificate of Completion of the fifth grade from Turie T. Small (graduated with honors/a happy meal coupon).

I spend my days slinging pizza for my “family” that i work with. Although, it’s decided that I’m most likely certifiably insane and/bat skit nutty. I actually happen to be full fledge pizza fairy (wings on my back and my birthday is National Pizza Day…Feb 9…). I enjoy finding things to research on the internet, although I definitely need a mind mapper-scheduler-lobotomizer.

I don’t code yet but I’m starting to understand some concepts that were a whole-nother inter-world away from me 6 months ago. I downloaded an app which went a little nutty. Somehow all the license info started showing up and i haven’t stopped searching, clicking or reading since. (Brief gaps of online presence do to the required pizza slinging.)

As stated before, my work family thinks I’ve lost it. Which is funny because I don’t think my system came installed with marbles anyhow.

Back to hello world


I wanna learn some stuff and definitely some things.


(Sorry if any of this because random code strings or anything, Im lvl right under n00b (y’all actually say that or what?)


Hey there, Christian from Mellon Mobile / Project Xperia Forums at your service! :smile:

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Glad to be here

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Hello people, I put my entire domain in the Cloudflare some years ago. This month we decide to been a partner and now integrated all servers with plesk to Cloudflare plus. Sure it will improve our protect and slow down our incident’s with websites.

Congrats to new training movie Portuguese/BR


Hi all, I started using Cloudflare just for my home network, to learn more about DNS. I work in the games industry, and figured the more skills, the better.


Hi new guy here trying to figure out how to post a topic.

You should be able to. Are you not seeing the +Topic button in the upper right corner of the homepage or category hubs?

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Sorry, I see it now. I first had to unlock it by posting here on a topic. Thanks

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Hello, my name is Bill. I use Cloudflare for many of my sites mainly to take advantage of the security and the SSL feature. I like the thought of feeling more secure and also appreciate the increase in load speed on my websites. Glad to be here.