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Hello, I’m Justin and just trying to setup my first site (without much success).



I’m a webmaster, and a long time :orange:Cloudflare fan :slight_smile: !

Site is TallGuysFree.com and does not contain or link to adult-only content, however, I wouldn’t necessarily open it at work. We consider it PG-13 and less than you’d see on TV. There are shirtless and party photos, but should be absolutely zero remotely suggestive adult-only content :slight_smile:


Ooh, another Victorian! VicRoads here :slight_smile:


Good morning or afternoon. I have been using Cloudflare for several years primarily to host Trudel’s Truth, a blog of some 90 letters with many photographs my mother wrote home to Germany for several years in the mid 1930s. http://lgrossman.com/trudel/ Cloudflare has been very helpful in keeping distribution smooth and fast.


Hello, I’m new in community group. Lets see how I can create a support topic.


Hi everyone!
, I’m new to cloudfare. I recently got into web develop and design. I’m currently using wordpress.


Hello! We use CloudFlare for our dog photo albums and it works like a charm!


Hello Everyone ,
This is Jin . New to cloudflare and looking forward to it . Thanks


Hello guys :slight_smile:


Hello all :slight_smile:


Hello everyone…I have 3 sites with Cloudflare although i don’t have much experience other than using it for the security…


Hello all,

Using CloudFlare for easy HTTPs and the static CDN benefits


Cloudflare help you running them more fast, for example if your website is hosted in USA, for visitors like me far away from the host it helps us to connect more fast to your content because cloudflare has alot of datacenters around the world.

Im sure that also you’ll never know when your website gonna be attacked, from the free plan to the most expensive one, cloudflare always gonna watch your website and take care of this for you.

Anyways! Welcome to the community forums :smiley:


Hello, I am Hendrawan from Indonesia, I am currently just using CloudFlare and want to learn more details about this product, please guidance if I am unclear about this product. Thanks.


Hi my name is Alex and I run ztjuh.tk and invicius.nl!

ztjuh.tk is my personal website and invicius.nl from our gaming-clan, nothing to see there yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I also wrote a php script to update your IP, I will post it overhere in the forums.


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Hello, my name is Bruno and I have used Cloudfare in the last couple year with little to zero problems. Now I have a problem to add a new domain of mine. I need some help there.


Please go ahead and search for your symptoms, or post a new topic with details so people can help.


Hi, I’m Sven from Guatemala. Started using Cloudflare less than 24 hours ago, looking forward to learn more and see the benefits for my sites.


Hi, I’m Scott from London, England. I’ve been using Cloudflare on four websites in the past - it’s great.

Looking forward to learning more about how to use it.