Welcome! Say hello!

Thanks for joining us! Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell everyone more about how you use Cloudflare.


Hello, Zach here! I use Cloudflare (over many accounts) for all sorts of things, as do many of my friends. Feel free to post a question on the community, and I will do my best to help!

Specifically, my strong suits related to Cloudflare and it’s services are:

  • vDNS & regular DNS
  • Railgun
  • Apache
  • Firewalls
  • TTFB optimization
  • Cache configuration

Hello everyone and welcome!

Through many trials and experiences I’ve become pretty well versed in handling configuration issues with Cloudflare in conjunction with other technologies such as SSL, WordPress, IIS, and ColdFusion.
I’m looking forward to helping - it’s a great way to learn!


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m happy to be part of this community and learn from all of you. I run almost all my sites through Cloudflare these days, it’s just so good.

The largest site I run on Cloudflare is unpkg.com, a CDN for everything on npm. The site is completely open source and free to use. It wouldn’t have been possible without Cloudflare!


Hi Everybody

It’s my pleasure to be part of the community, thanks to Ryan.
Personally I have little experience with Cloudflare service but I’ll do my best to learn more and be helpful.
I have some skills in programming and software design.


Hi everybody, I’m Jeff Hawkins (No, not the famous one with the Palm Pilot).

I use Cloudflare and recommend it to anyone within hearing distance.

Most of my work is within WordPress and multi-site. I love multi-site. I’ve been involved with WordPress for about four years now having crossed over by way of Pligg… I’m big on Content Aggregation, forums, and niche book marking sites… (yeah, that Pligg baqckground there).

Hoping to be helpful as we go along here in this new Community about one of my favorite services.


I’m Kyle, been using Cloudflare since Jan 2012 for personal sites on commodity VPSes/shared hosting, since then it’s been part of my standard toolset when setting up pretty much any new web property.

Lately I’ve been drifting away from the set-it-and-forget-it DNS/CDN capabilities and experimenting with integrating the Cloudflare API with Terraform and other infrastructure providers (eg AWS Cloudformation + Lambda for new records).


Hi everyone - Glad you have all come in early to check things out. We have added some prominent links but expect things to be pretty slow over the weekend. We will be announcing this next week and expect to see more people.

Thanks again for joining and for sharing your stories! :partyparrot:


Hello Everyone,

Glad to join this community, thanks Ryan for the same.
I am an entrepreneur, with my recent startup escalatingweb.com.
I use Cloudflare mostly as a free dns and ssl support and have lots of website up here. I also suggest others to use it for the same. The other features I use are the page rules, caching, bot games.
I keep a watch on new and other features which I can make use efficiently.
The other technologies and services I have hands on experience are Nginx, Node, Php, Wordpress, Aws, Service-workers.
I am always eager to learn and share about new technologies and looking forward the same!


Thanks to @ryan for the invite via Quora to engage with this great new community. I have worked in data science and analytics longer than I wish to admit, starting in the 80’s snooping bad guys with sensors as an US Navy airborne analyst. I say that because it’s so relevant in our cyber landscape for those who want to assist and defend against the same actors waging real war in cyberspace. I’m proud to have been invited also to the then Cloudflare beta in 2010. There was a vibrant version of what this community will scale to, but at the time top heavy for a budding new company eager to please but a bit overwhelmed. I participated heavily then and hope my two cents here now and then will be helpful.

Of interest to those who really want to throw in a domain or several or hundreds… I have developed a scheme using WordPress, Cloudflare & Project Honeypot to lure the bad actors into a variety of traps. Without digging too deep into that I’ll share a trap I built (starting in 2014) leveraging many of our sites WordPress login #fails for the scrapers and botnets. This is the low hanging fruit everybody talks about regarding vulnerability in CMS’s. I use a Cloudflare page rule to achieve this. Google Developers Blog: Transitioning Google URL Shortener to Firebase Dynamic Links - you can see I’m ramping this back up this year as project honeypot had a makeover and I’m installing more scripts weekly.

I build and maintain Ubuntu NGINX webservers for wordsrack.com

Welcome to all and “Cheers” from Canada where I reside.



Hello. I’m John. I work at Cloudflare and have done for > 5 years. I have had various roles (I wrote the original implementation of Railgun and the WAF, I worked for a long time on our DNS) and I am currently CTO.


Hello everyone, I’m Otto and I work on the Cloudflare support team in our office in San Francisco. I’m really excited to see this community starting to rev up its engines: we have so many passionate users that I can’t wait to see where this goes.



Company I work for is Cloudflare Partner (both Optimized and Certified). I have introduced Cloudflare to many different clients and so far so good :slight_smile:

I’m glad that this community forum started to exist. I hope to find here answers to many different specific problems while using Cloudflare.


Hi everyone, Dan here… I was sceptical about Cloudflare at first but it has been brilliant, I run all my websites through Cloudflare, Mainly run media websites so Cloudflare has saved me a lot in bandwidth and server costs. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Always checking the Cloudflare blog for new updates, willing to learn new things and help others, Looking forward to meeting the community.


Hi all. My name is Martijn and I have been part of the Cloudflare support team for almost 3 years now helping all of our customers. Prior to joining Cloudflare I was a Cloudflare partner with my small hosting service and have followed Cloudflare pretty much since its inception.

Looking forward to helping people out via this community!


Hi folks

My name is George from Brisbane, Australia. I’ve been helping clients optimise their servers and speed up their web sites and mainly forums for the past 16 yrs.

For the past 6 yrs I have been developing my own LEMP stack auto installer with Nginx ngx_pagespeed, lua, brotli, nginScript and openssl/libressl cryto support, Centmin Mod https://centminmod.com and quite a lot of my users use Cloudflare to protect their web sites as do I for some of my sites. Currently, testing TLS v1.3 draft-18 via OpenSSL 1.1 branches. My Centmin Mod LEMP stack also uses Cloudflare’s open sourced openssl and Nginx patches so thanks for sharing your awesome work - just missing HTTP/2 push :smile:

Thinking of switching one of my main sites from AWS Route53 DNS over to Cloudflare now that you offer Cloudflare Loadbalancer (like the term Traffic Manager better) https://community.centminmod.com/threads/thinking-of-moving-from-aws-route53-dns-to-Cloudflare.11563/ :slight_smile: Been beta testing Cloudflare Traffic Manager since it was announced so glad to finally see it out :thumbsup:

The sheer number of Cloudflare datacenters has now is mind boggling to say the least and I love what Cloudflare does in terms of accelerating web site’s performance as I am a speed addict myself :slight_smile:


Just realized I started this topic and never gave an answer.

My name is Ryan. I work in Community at the SF office. I’m a bit unusual in that I live and work in the Bay Area…but I’m also FROM here :success: (San Jose actually…Go Spartans!)

I’ve worked in community roles for a long time, starting at PayPal and then going to eBay, Yahoo! and some startups. I’ve been at Cloudflare for almost a year, and each day I learn something new from the people I work with.

Very much looking forward to seeing this community develop!


Hello there I’m David, web developer from Paris.


Hi I’m Hayward. More nomad than geek. Much respect for Cloudflare :slight_smile:


Hi all.

I’m Diego, from Curitiba, Brazil. I’ve been working professionally with technology for almost ten years, but my digital life started at 2000’s.

I started as a PHP developer and played this role for a few years. Nowadays I’m focused on sysadmin/devops stuff and I have to admit that Cloudflare blog have been really helping me, for at least 5 years, with technical articles about nginx, ssl, network topology and a number of other nice subjects.

I’m really glad that we now have this commom place to share our questions and knowledge regarding Cloudflare.

Looking foward to help and learn new things!