Weird Stuff Happening

I ran a health test on Cloudflare yesterday. It recommended that I enable some features that will help with speed, including Rocket.

Since then, I am having some weird issues on the site, including:

  • We have a secure PDF plugin, and none of our PDFs are secure anymore. Instead of embedding the intended PDF file when clicked, users see the home page of our website embedded.

  • The WordPress admin bar at the top of our website is gone, so we have to navigate to the dashboard and then to a specific page to make changes. We need this restored.

I looked at the Cloudflare audit log and don’t believe there is anything more I can undo, but can you please tell me what other settings may have been changed to cause these issues so I can get this fixed?

Did you disable rocketloader?

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Yes, I did.

And the problem persists? Can you share the name of the domain?

Yes, unfortunately it still persists.

Is there a way I can provide it to you privately?

I will kick off a private message to you, it will have an :email: icon at the top indicating it is a private message

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