Weird SSL Display

I am confused by something. I’ve got two domains, each has a Let’s Encrypt SSL, they’re both on the same server, and both were setup in CloudFlare the same (defaults on everything, SSL Full).

On one domain the SSL in the browser shows as Let’s Encrypt (R3). On the other it says CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-3. The headers show “server: cloudflare”, DNS shows as proxied like it should, and even sslshopper says CloudFlare and shows the CF IP address. So it seems like it is working, just not displaying the same.

I’ve tried each on Full Strict as well, no change.

I’ve purged the CF cache, my brower cache, rebooted, tried from different computers.

Why would they be different?


I hope you meant Full (Strict) since you already have certs on your server.

:man_shrugging: They generate from different CAs. Sometimes it seems random, but other times it’s definitely due to ACM or plan level.

Is something not working?

Thanks for replying. Nothing is wrong, so far I can see everything works, I just wanted to know why the difference between the two.

I tried thinking it would behave like I thought it would. All my sites have SSLs from Let’s Encrypt. I’ll be sure to use Full Strict moving forward.


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