Weird results in security panel layout

I always get weird results about the number of entrys in the list see below

first page results 1 to 4 of 8 items ?

second page gets even weirder results 26 to 25 of 8 items !!

I wonder if it’s the same as this issue and it has just still not been fixed?

I’ve noticed similar myself.

Viewing the entire event log with no filters, I can page through the entries without issue. However, applying a filter as exampled in the screen captures below, gives anomalous results.

Full List, No Filters:

Filtered List, Should Be 3 Matches, Page 1 of 2:

Filtered List, Should Be 3 Matches, Page 2 of 2:

For whatever reason, even though there are only supposed to be three filtered results, it’s paginated to a second page. As there are only supposed to be three results, that should fit on a single page.

Aside from that though, even though it’s clearly showing there are three entries for my filtering criteria, only two of the three are displayed. Where’s the third one‽

This was first reported and escalated in January and was supposedly fixed in February so I’m not sure why it’s showing up again - I’ll escalate this and see what’s going on.

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oh theres something else I forgot to say

just before the results are displayed I see this

and then about 0.5 seconds later the results are displayed

its still broken

any idea when this will be fixed ?

No idea, sorry. It’s still in the queue for a support engineer to review and pass on.

thanks for the update

its probably somthing silly like the wrong variable name in the script, i hope they spot it :smiley:

Thanks for escalating @domjh

Hi @LoveBug

Can you please create a Cloudflare ticket for us to review this further. (You can reference this community thread in your request).

thank you.

I reported the “? to ? of ? items” bug in December - it was under 2325561

Thanks @KianNH , appreciate the reference, as its a similar issue being discussed but yours is related to Security Center \ Security Insights (Of which is labelled as BETA) I’m happy to include this, however @LoveBug if you could still create your ticket reference for the non Beta FW Events view to lead the escalation.

Thank you

would you belive its working fine now ! maybe its fixed ?

Thanks for the update.

If the issue is no longer occurring, then lets monitor this going forward i.e. if the issue re-occurs then please do reference this thread in a new request (additionally Cloudflare ticket too) and mention re-occurrence - we can then move swiftly with the added pre-context for an engineering escalation.

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