Weird redirect leading to error

I got a website protected under CF’s DNS that worked until 1 hour ago. Until then it was loading perfectly under http://website.dom

Suddently, without any change my side (in browser nor CF configuration) site started to be redirected under and ending into “520 error” then “PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR”

I tried to browse server IP directly and could surf my site normally, which indicates the problem clearly comes from CF’s DNS. I’ve disabled redirects and HTTPS in CF configuration but that still doesn’t fix, i also disabled browser cache to make sure.

Couldn’t find the reason why this all started nor a way to fix it yet, any idea ?

There’s only a couple of culprits (or places that usually do redirects) within Cloudflare:

  • Page Rule with Forwarding URL action
  • Bulk Redirects
  • Cloudflare Worker that returns 301/302
  • _redirects file in Cloudflare Pages

Assuming you’re not using Workers or Pages, have you checked the first two?

Thanks for suggestions, checked those :slight_smile:

  • no page rule has been created yet
  • no bulk entry neither
  • no worker was started (by me)
  • no _redirect file on my host side

So i’m clueless on why it bugs, as it worked great whole morning :confused:

Ok so after many attempts, clearly showing issue came from CF’s DNS, and unable for me to fix by config, i disabled CF for this website to keep it online even if less secured. I have no idea what changed CF side to generate such issue.

Disabling CF didn’t solve the issue. Also i found out, by using various proxies around the world, that the website might be displayed correctly in different zones/ISP. I’ll now try to go back under CF with unforced SSL/HTTPS & redirected www to plain domain. Hoping this will solve.

Before @sandro tells you, get a Certificate on your Origin server, and change your SSL mode to “Full (Strict)”.

Can you share the actual domain name?

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