Weird Question

Hey there,

I’ve just recently begun to use Cloudflare for my personal business, after trying several other CDN services, and found their product to really stand out, I don’t know what I would do without it!

Do they have any merchandise that I can purchase, by chance? Big fan of the company and the product and would love to rock it on a polo tee or on a notebook or something!

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Hi @bshuttlewood11,

Glad you like it! I don’t think there is a merch store, there is some stuff they used to give out at conferences etc. not sure if they are doing anything like that now.

cc @ryan & @adspedia

I can sure help with that. Please send me a private message @bshuttlewood11

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Thanks @adspedia. You will have to start the private message thread though, only Staff and MVPs can do that here.

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