Weird problem

So I can connect to my server by specifying the IP address but I cannot connect to it using my domain name. The weird thing is that it was working a week ago then I had to restart my server and now it doesn’t work.

Here is my URL with my domain name (522 error):

Here is my URL with the IP address:

Here are my DNS records:

I added the nameservers too. I have the ca and private key. It isn’t ufw related. What else can I look at?

No worries! Hopefully I’ll figure out what is wrong with my server eventually.

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Okay, I won’t comment on other peoples posts anymore.

There is nothing wrong with commenting on other people’s posts when you are working on their topic. It’s just bad form to interject your own topic into someone else’s. How about we take a look at your question now?

You need to set the port in the URL with the domain name if you expect it to hit the same port on the origin server. connects to port 443 which is not listening on your server. works as expected.

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Thank you! You definitely solved my problem. I fixed it. Thanks a lot!


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