Weird payment behaviour with Cloudflare registrar

I received a Mail today from both PayPal and Cloudflare.
PayPal send me a mail, telling me that I authorized a payment for Cloudflare, which is fine and expected as Cloudflare informed me about an upcoming Domain renewal (I use Cloudflare Registrar).

The mail from Cloudflare however was confusing. In it they told me that the auto-renewal failed and that I should try to manually renew because they won’t attempt this again.
So I logged into my account went to the registrar tab of my domain and saw the note that my contact details aren’t up to date. No problem, quickly updated it, yet this banner stayed.

Not only that but manually adding another year told me that the domain would end in April of 2023… And trying to find info about it’s current expirey time made it more confusing because on one place does it tell me it will end in April 2021, while on another it tells me that the bill is paid (That there aren’t any open bills to pay) and that the domain expires in 2022.
Checking my recent payment history only showed a payment from January this year.

I now quickly payed for an extra year (So it expires in 2023) just to not fear to lose the domain, but this is a rather weird and annoying experience I made with Cloudflare’s payment setup.

Where exactly do I see all my recent payments and where can I check currently stuck payments or similar?

Have you already tried contacting Cloudflare Support by writing a Ticket due to your issue?

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

Under Account → Billing.
See here:

I didn’t contact support yet, simply because I hoped to receive assistance here first.

That’s where the confusion comes from.

When I look at this tab does it tell me that my last payment was for the domain in question and that it will end in April 2021.
Even now after I renewed the domain does the history only show this as the newest event/payment (Note that the page is set to german for me).

Usually you will get faster (and more accurate) response from Cloudflare Support than the community forum :wink:

Anyway, @Laurie might be able to assist you in this case.


My recommendation would be the same, please reach out to support regarding this as they can request further details from our registrar team directly.

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I now made a Support request.

And it actually became even weirder now. I now have a billing made this day, which confirms the payment for the period of 2021 to 2022, which is extremely confusing considering my previous mention that the domain now should be extended to 2023.
In addition, does the subscription section of the Billing tab still tell me that my domain ends on 20. April 2021 which is even more confusing.
I really hope that this is only a visual bug and not an actual issue as losing the domain even briefly would cause me a lot of complications due to its heavy usage.

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Hi @andreas95,
Sorry to hear this, however, we are not going to be able to address your account-specific details here in the Community and this will need to be explained within the ticket. Please address your responses there so that our team can give you more details if required.

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