Weird MX record out of nowhere?


I’ve just moved one web site over to CF, and let DNS wizard find all matching records. Nothing special was there, few classic A-records, MX and SPF record.

Looking at MX section, there is in DNS tab of CloudFlare:

But if I query one of CloudFlare DNS servers, they return weird record: 300 IN MX 0

What the heck?

The target of your MX record is a record which is :orange:, which will not work. To ensure your email is received, Cloudflare automatically changes the target of the MX to a value that will work.

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Hmmm…ah, ok, I got it! I had to write reply with “I still do not understand…” when during writing it hit my mind, of course! Before CF it would work, but with CF, MX would point to CF, which is not mail server, so it creates some random A-record, and point is to previous mail server’s IP.
All clear now, thank you!

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