Weird multi-site worker UI issue

So, if you have multiple sites on the same Cloudflare account, the UI gets screwy when editing workers.

For example, if you have a worker script on domain A and domain B:

Open the worker on domain A and make a change, but don’t save it.

Now go back to the dashboard and open the worker on domain B.

The change you made on domain A is shown here.

Go back to the dashboard, into Domain A and save the change. Now go back into domain B and it shows the original (unchanged) worker.

I suspect any changes to the worker are being cached in your session (so you don’t lose them if you back out of the page) but it’s not storing the domain the worker script belongs to, so when you switch domains the cached worker script persists.

Can confirm I have the same experience. You have to be very careful when editing workers on multiple domains to not accidentally overwrite the wrong worker.

Could be a huge improvement in user experience if unsaved workers are scoped to a domain instead of account.

I am experiencing a similar issue. I created 3 new workers today in the browser UI, saved them, applied them with a routing rule and validated they work as expected. Yet when I close and reopen the browser window, they show as unsaved. As far as I know these are only referenced in this one domain as I created them anew. Workers created by fellow coworkers using the API don’t behave this way.