Weird DNS Request?

I have a client using CF who their scheduling and invoicing system needs them to add some DNS records to CF to ensure it continues working for the upcoming google / yahoo DMARC issue. The problem is the records they provided (CNAME) they give 3 values for each, but CNAME records only have two values (host and value). Here is an example record they gave.

Type: cname
Name: mail_cname
Host: somehost
Data: u20454543.wl044

Any advice on this?

NOTE: The forum system won’t let me post the values, so I am using samples.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

If I had to guess, I would assume hostname and data are the two fields you will need for the record.

Hostname being name and data being target

I suspect you will need to leave this record unproxied with CNAME flattening disabled: CNAME flattening · Cloudflare DNS docs

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