Weird Cloudflare redirection/hack/error?


I’m using cloudflare DNS:


But, for some reason, the domain is pointing to something that is not in my server (I deleted all files on it to be sure). It looks like any kind of hack or redirection to a torrent site.

My site is: territoriopc (dot) com

I can’t access the site via FTP (

Please, any help?

  1. Does the website show “active” in the Cloudflare dashboard?

  2. Make sure in the “dns” section of the dashboard that you have an IP address for the ftp, www, and @ DNS zones/subdomains, pointing to your server’s IP address. When adding ftp, make sure the zone is :grey:.


I had to disable Cloudflare because it was pointing to some kind of torrent pages.

  1. The website was not active en Cloudflare, only using DNS.
  2. FTP was working fine when I uploaded the site time ago. No changes ever, it was a site that I forgot about.


Me too. I was using Cloudflare DNS: [BECKY.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM] [MAJOR.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM], but it was pointing to something (a ultraright conservative site) that is not in my server. Sometimes, gives “500 error”.

I removed Cloudflare and deleted all files in the server (HostGator).

What is happend?


Any news, Cloudflare?


Hi @miguedlm @maverian1, can you/did you report this to support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. It’s best to make them aware of this, I can see the nameservers for territoriopc (dot) com are not pointing to Cloudflare and support can assist.


This zone’s registration expired with the registrar, the nameservers were moved by the registrar and it was never revalidated by the zone owner per the instructions in the email which was sent to the owner at the time change was discovered. It was subsequently purged from the owner’s account in May of this year.


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