Weird Caching Issue - WordPress + WP Engine + Cloudflare


I am facing a very weird caching issue on my site. The site is hosted on WP Engine with Cloudflare setup. Here is the complete scenario when the user tried to access the site.

When the user upgrades to pro after successful payment, then all the pro listing should be visible to them OR I can say they can access pro listing. But after successful payment when a user tries to access the pro listing it shows you need an upgrade to pro. After hard refresh 2 to 3 times. It works normally.

I have already reached out to the WP Engine support and they have removed that page from caching. On Cloudflare, I have added the Page Rule like below. Can anyone please verify it? Did I miss anything?

Page Rule:
URL: .xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ
Settings are: Cache Level Bypass

I am open to suggestions.


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