Weird behaviour when using chrome console


I’m seeing some very weird behaviour when using chrome console, this domain uses clouflare proxy and other Cloudflare settings. I’ve messed about with loads of them and I’m wondering if there are any setting that maybe create this behaviour. When I open console and tick “disable cache” the video box wont load, if i untick disable cache it will load and if I tick disable cache and close the consolue , the page will load:

it also does the same when using an incognito window

When you close Dev Tools, the browser will default to its regular cache behavior, which is to cache depending on the instructions set forth by the Cache-Control header. You checking or unchecking the Disable Cache option before closing shouldn’t be a factor.

So basically your issue seems to be that when visiting as a regular visitor (caching enabled) the page displays correctly, but when visiting with caching disabled an element does not show on the page.

Visiting the page with Dev Tools > Disable Cache checked, you should see some error messages in the console that can give you hints as to what’s going on with your page.

Hi, there are no errors at all, so nothing to work from

And that seems to be a problem with your advertising plugin, right? You need to contact either the plugin developer or the advertising syndicate (Google Ads, etc) to inquire why that box isn’t loading properly at times, and sort things out.

Unless you point to a specific Cloudflare product you think may be causing an issue here, and explain why, it seems this falls outside the scope of this community.

it does it for if there are both ads and no ads, if i clear cookies and all caches it still does it. I dont know what Cloudflare service might be doing it, thats what i’m asking in effect, if it could be anything, so i can turn on/ off to test it

Check your Security Events and see if any Cloudflare security feature is blocking requests when that happens. In case you find any, post details here. Other than that, you’d need to investigate using the Network / Console tabs of Dev Tools to see what is being prevented from loading.

no errors, no warning, no Cloudflare security events being triggered, everything loads file wise in consolue, I’m just baffled as to whats going on

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