Weird behavior of Create zone & DNS record

Hi there,

I trying to automate the workflow add a new domain (zone) using Cloudflare PHP SDK
for our customers who want using their domain

I’m adding the zone with jump_start -> true params to keep the old records of the domain
Then adding the our records (CNAME to the root & www sub-domain)

My questions:
1- (Create. zone step)
I noticed Cloudflare doesn’t fetch all the records (I tried adding the same domain from the Dashboard and there were many records but didn’t retrieve from the API)

I want to know if there’s something wrong or there’s specific behavior for API? I didn’t find much details in the docs about it

2- (Create. DNS record)
After adding the zone I’m adding our own records (by the API) but I noticed Cloudflare override the old records and adding mine (that exactly what I want but I thought Cloudflare should throw exception for existing record , and I thought should be validation then update the old ones)
I think something wrong here, please is that valid behavior of override the record? please correct my and correct me

Thanks :pray: