Weird and random timeout issue


From our monitoring tools we are noticing random timeouts occurring from yesterday at 18 (CEST) on multiple proxied domains

We are trying to launch the following command multiple times: sometimes it works, sometimes it gets stuck at “Connection state changed” and it doesn’t go through

curl -vvv

The final servers are hosted on AWS/DigitalOcean and the metrics of those are not showing any problem

Does it also happen from your side/to your domains?

That’s two different hosts. How many DNS records do you have for www?

Based on my tests, response alternates between 200 and 404, making me think that one endpoint is having problems.

Try something like:
curl -vvv --connect-to ORIGIN_IP
and test for each of your origin IP addresses.

I was meaning that is happening also on other proxied subdomains

Could you please retry the curl now? The 404 were also happening because of this problem

Here you can find a GIF showing the issue (1)

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