Weird 1016 error on my domain

I have a domain using an argo tunnel, the same argo tunnel works for but it won’t work with I can confirm nginx is setup correctly on the server side, and the server is accepting requests. Requests using my public IP work, and requests from my local network also work.


The DNS record is distinct from the state of the Tunnel. You can create DNS records that point to a Tunnel that is not currently running. If the Tunnel stops running, the DNS record will not be deleted. If you point the DNS record to a Tunnel not currently running visitors will see a 1016 error message.


but we’d need more info here, Is the tunnel running? Try and follow the above developer document and let us know if the issue continues.

To truly assist, we’d need to know the domain name. DM’s open. Or open a support ticket:

Yeah, the tunnel’s running and routing works on other domains, I’ll follow up with a DM.

Do you have an Ingress Rule for the www hostname? And if the rule is new, did you reload the config or reboot the server?

The rule’s been there for a while but I’ll try restarting the server

And it was working up until recently?

Nope, just always giving me a 1016 error

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If rebooting doesn’t work, post the entire tunnel config file here. It’s ok to edit out the actual domain name as you did in your original post.

Will do!

tunnel: id
credentials-file: file

  - hostname:
    service: http://localhost:80
  - hostname:
    service: ws://localhost:8080
  - service: http://localhost:80

Other domains work with the tunnel so idk why this one won’t

That doesn’t look right at all. Your second service is a ws:// URL, and that’s the one you say works.
Plus you have a -service line with a URL instead of the final http_status:404 field.

ah, i’ll rewrite that then, and there were other ones working besides that

More? Then that’s not the entire config file I asked for. A screenshot would be ok, then black out the actual domain part.

ah, no, that was the entire config file. it was sending responses for other domains running off the same argo tunnel.

Ah, so that’s what that last line does. Like a catchall, instead of a 404.

Yep, that was the plan.

I’ve just realised that it doesn’t work with an A record either. The public IP responds to requests with the correct host.

I’ve also remade the tunnel.

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