Weighted load balancing weight 0 -> Failover?

According to the docs, a pool node with a traffic weight 0 receives no traffic at all

If I setup a pool with two nodes
Node A : Weight 1
Node B: Weight 0
And Node A is down, will Node B receive the traffic or really nothing as the docs state?
There have been different questions like this which remained unanswered unfortunately.

Best regards and thank you in advance

Picture to clarify

I think i solved it on my own:
I created two pools each containing 1 node
I named one active-pool
and one fallback-pool
I enlisted them in the order active-pool → fallback-pool and defined the fallback-pool also as a fallback pool.
I guess this will serve the desired purpose: Sending traffic to the fallback node only when the active-pool is down.

Am i right?
Is that the correct setup to achieve active/standby dns failover?

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