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I was wondering if any operators of Weebly sites have been able to get Cloudflare to successfully redirect the “www” form of their URL (eg www.example.com) to the root one (example.com)?

This is something that I am currently struggling with - but interestingly, I did have it working for more than a year. During this period I had SSL/TLS encryption set to “flexible”, and the redirection set up through the now-deprecated Page Rules screen.

Recently, I had to change SSL/TLS to “full” to resolve a “too many redirections” error that some users were experiencing. These errors may well have coincided with the start of the www redirection failures.

The implication of this change is that Weebly requires that AAAA records be removed in order for SSL to work. For Cloudflare’s part, this (I gather) entails disabling proxies for any Weebly IP addresses, as these use AAAA records. This will in turn make it impossible for Cloudflare to redirect traffic - or at least, it will in theory.

But as I mentioned, I did have it working for more than a year, and I am certain that proxies were enabled during that time! I have yet to understand how this can be.

Can anyone suggest a solution? Or have I, as fear I might have, encountered a brick wall here?

I wonder - is it valid/feasible to re-enable proxies in Cloudflare once the SSL connection to Weebly has been established?

I don’t relish migrating to another platform, so if anyone has any ideas (or direct experience), I would welcome your input!

If you are redirecting www to the root domain, then

  • the root DNS record should be set to DNS only and point to Weebly’s IP address
  • set the www record to be a proxied AAAA record pointing to 100:: - these requests will never go to Weebly
  • set SSL/TLS to “Full (strict)” - isn’t really used as the only proxied request is the redirect, but just in case you change things later

Set up a redirect rule as here…

Once that’s working, you can try to proxy the Weebly record, but if you have problems, or get a 526 error later when their SSL certificate needs renewing, then switch back to “DNS only”.

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