Weebly Index.html unable to 301 redirect after deprecating Page Rules

After deprecating Page Rules, I am not able to 301 redirect my Weebly /index.html to my home page. Ive tried bulk redirecting it and even tried transform rules and nothing works. Im so confused and frustrated. Can someone please help me?

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If you can show a screenshot of your page rule, people can advise how to covert that to do redirect rule.

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I am not having a lot of luck with Redirect rules either.

Im not sure what screenshot to show.

Show a screenshot of your Page Rule so people can advise how to create a Redirect Rule to achieve the same. Or you can check out this guide here…

I have already gone through those steps and it still does not work:
I deleted the deprecated Page Rule I was using to 301 the /index.html page. Here is a screenshot associated with one of my pages to show you the new Redirect Rule:

Its still not working.
How do I fix this?

/index.html is not part of a hostname. It is a URI path.

You need to remove the URI path from your hostname. Note the example below the entry field and make yours look similar by losing everything after the actual hostname.

It is also safer to use a 302 redirect while you are testing as a 301 is permanent and will be cached by your browser. This can prevent you from seeing changes to the redirect. Switching to the 301 after you know it is working properly is a lot easier.

This doesnt work either.

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