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Be nice! As for myself, I submitted a 350 word rant constructive feedback on slow loading times and unusable website selectors.


Absolutely what I think. Way way way to slow. Specially if we are talking about a service from a “performance Company”

Will submit my feedback shortly.


nearly 750 words … hope it was not too much.


I mostly pointed out that the overall UI seems dated when compared to some alternatives in the market, I think it could receive a fresh look without confusing users or forcing most “serious” customers build their own dashboard based on the API.

Most modern vendors go as far as letting you build your own dashboards within their website.

Some actions are “tedious” to perform, for example, if you are under attack and have to build firewall rules as attacks are coming, you need to open the dashboard twice because otherwise you find yourself going from firewall rules back to overview constantly, I strongly believe a modal or form showing up when you click “Create firewall rule” from the overview would be much better.

Browsing the new security rules also feels slightly awkward when compared to the rest of the site, having a category and maybe sub categories would be a much nicer layout.

The rest is just related to random errors that occur once every few hours because… reasons? :thinking: and overall slowless as you pointed out.


Am I the first one that hasn’t submitted a nearly 100% rant feedback form?


I am very fine with the looks. I for myself use the dashboard to get the job done. I want to spend minimal time in it, which I can’t… mostly feels like wasting time in the dashboard.

Whaat? Never heard of, but feel free to show me, maybe I have to raise my standards :slight_smile:

I try not to rant, but I guess if some people have something to complain about and they are not honest, there is little chance things improve. And collecting feedback is all about improving :slight_smile:


Spot on, we are critical because we want the system to improve as much as possible, if we didn’t care we’d just shrug and move on to something else.

None of what I pointed bothers me to the point I’d stop using CF; however, the current dashboard is lacking in some fields and it needs a lot of work for it to keep up with the fast growth CF has been carrying over the last years.