Webtrees Login Problem with Cloudflare SSL


I have posted the same question on Github but there are no responses yet. It is odd in that https works fine for all pages except for the login page. Site is https://myancestry.club.

And the URL is?

The site is myancestry.club. Thanks

That is not necessarily the issue but the first thing to nice is, your login page is actually not secure. You do load it via HTTPS but the post it to an HTTP URL. Try to fix that URL, maybe it will fix the issue.

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We solved it using Automatic HTTPS Rewrites and Always Use HTTPS. I still see double requests for login.php and index.php, first with http and second with https. After the initial page-load all requests are https. I don’t understand why there are double requests although it does not appear to be major issue. Thanks again for your help.

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