Hi guys,
how many concurrent connection can be made with websockets on each plan ?
In example, how many on the free ? 10 ? 100 ? 1000 ?

I read that document, but it doesn’t tell how many connections are allowed.
It just say “low” for the free plan, but what’s the meaning of “low” ? 100 ? 1000 ?

There’s a section there titled Why are these volume limits not specific numbers?.

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I know, but it’s impossible to make any business planning without knowing a number.

We are planning a new application working almost exclusively on websocket, we need to know the plan limits to tell any cost to the customer

I understand the concern and the motivation of the question, but you still won’t get hard numbers I am afraid. Cloudflare will be intentionally vague here if they have a dedicated paragraph for that “Why are these volume limits not specific numbers?”.

They also go into detail with

What happens if my site exceeds the number of concurrent WebSockets connections that Cloudflare expects?

Immediately, nothing. Cloudflare will allow occasional spikes in usage beyond our guidelines and we will not apply unnecessary limits.

Repeated spikes or high continued usage will prompt a dialogue: we’ll reach out to learn more about your application. We will not impose limit errors for any application without contacting the customer unless we suspect that abuse or an attack is involved.

Customers whose usage claims a disproportionate percentage of resources for their current plan level may be asked to upgrade to the plan level that matches their needs.

The best advice will be, use the connections within reasonable limits according to your plan (=what you pay) and apply common sense. For example, running concurrently three or even four digit numbers of such connections 24/7 on the Free plan probably won’t be the intended use case.

As you said “business” you probably answered your question yourself, a Business plan should be probably the minimum you should aim for. You could also start with the Free or Pro plan but you might quickly get a friendly email from Cloudflare’s sales team :slight_smile:

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