Websockets stopped working for tunnel

Our team have been running multiple tunnels, 7 of them and one tunnel halted websockets completely.

HTTP traffic still work, but no websocket connections can be established, the other tunnels work fine.

How can we resolve/prevent this from happening again?


Hello @thomas4

We’re also having issues with WebSockets for 2 days. For now, we disabled tunnel and checking if it will happen again using a standard A DNS record with proxy enabled. Can you update this post if you learn anything about this issue? Thanks

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Hello ! @rguleryuz,
We are also expecting error serving content throw new connections added to the CloudflareTunnel .
If you come up with a solution to fix, please comment here.


Our started working just as randomly as it stopped working.

I’ll re-post if it happens again.

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Although, we’d probably look at alternatives like Tailscale if it happens again.

Unsolvable random outages are unacceptable for our usage.