Websockets on Free plan

I want to implement websockets in my web-app. There would be up to 200-300 concurrent connetion at the same time, maybe around 500 in the future… and I want to ask a questions:
Does anybody have any experience with websockets in Free plan?
How many simultaneous connections did you have?
Do you think that 500 connections is to much for a Free plan?

Cloudflare says there is “no limits”, but they will warn you if you use to much and ask you for upgrade… that means they have limits, or rather they have some guidelines about how much is to much, and they will keep it secret. I really don’t want to reveal my IP to users, that’s why it needs to go through Cloudflare. I also do not make any money with my app, so I can not afford to pay for a Pro from my pocket.
I just want to know if ~500 connections isn’t to much, if it is a lot of work and time would be wasted.
Or maybe should I give up with that idea? :confused:

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