WebSockets get ghosted after 20s

WebSockets proxied through cloudflare seem to stop sending and recieving messages after 20s of the connection being created, regardless of if messages are sent or not by either or both sides


  • Both sides seem to think the websocket is still connected (readyState: 1)
  • This does not affect users of all regions
  • There is no indication whatsoever that the connection has been severed, besides client messages not reaching server or vice versa
  • This is not specific to our app, and affects any proxied port, encrypted or not
  • This issue affects me and my friend in the UK, but not somewhere else like Romania

Other useful information:

  • Our protection level of “Essentially off”
  • Even in the same region, connecting to VPN seems to fix the issue
  • Our host handles around 2000 concurrent connections (although this still affects a separate ws server on a different port with only one connection)

As we have such a large amount of users (and complaints!), any reply, the sooner the better, would be appreciated! Thanks

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