Websockets blocked with no warning!

It seems like my website has been throttled/blocked on websockets? Is this expected?

If true, shouldn’t I have been warned first?
I’ve just spent 6 hours debugging the issue on my codebase as the site works in other places but not via CF.

What plan are you on and how many concurrent websockets are you using?

I’m on free plan, I have not measured but I am running a game on my local machine that needs constant websocket activity. The only thing I’m using CF for is for DNS purposes, and it seems CF does a bit more than that, it literally passes the traffic through CF internal systems first.

If that’s the case (your DNS records are set to “DNS only” and not “Proxied”) then the traffic isn’t passing through Cloudflare, so there can’t be any throttling or otherwise of the connections by Cloudflare.

the root is CNAME flattened,
the www is DNS only.

Not sure why my websockets are reporting parsing error, I am using socket.io on nodejs, and it suddenly stopped working. It works locally via localhost.