WebSocket ws-wss conversion on Flexible SSL?

Do websockets convert from ws-to-wss on the Flexible SSL mode, in the same way http-to-https does?

I searched for various past experiences but unsure what the current situation is in 2022. At present I can’t make a connection successfully but I’m new to all this so it could be another reason.

This is for a game server and none of the data being transferred is personal information (instead just binary data such as coordinates) so it would be preferred to avoid the overhead of WSS on the game server.

There isn’t really any overhead, but if you do not want SSL, you best switch your encryption mode to Off and use ws:// URLs instead.

Flexible should never be used in the first place and keeps your site insecure.

But again, there really is no overhead, so just switch to Full Strict and make sure you have a proper certficate and you will actually have a secure site.


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