Websocket to container via Tunnel not working, please help

I am new to this community, hi!

Currently building a cool software project which uses websockets extensively.

The setup is a .Net project with an api AND SignalR (websockets) => this application is inside a docker container with in the same network a Cloudflare tunnel.

The API side works great and consistent but… the websockets fails almost every-time… UNTIL I reboot the whole docker container… Then it works for a few minutes after which it will fail again…

What I see:
The wss://myapiurlhere/hub Is “pending” for a long time, and when it can connect(it can take up to 5 min. to connect) it tries to switch protocols which also takes forever…

I someone want to give it a try: The url is:
Url to websocket hub

This url should fail AFTER connecting because of an invalid token(secret is not very much of a secret is it? :wink: )

Please help in getting a consistent working tunnel or give me debug tools to fin out what is wrong…

Did you manage to fix this? I’m having the same problem.