Websocket Port 2087 triggers jschallenge

What changed? I am using the same setup as before, but now I am getting error 503 Cors violation.
I am using ports 2053 and 2083 which both work great, just 2087 stopped working.

If I turn off jsChallenge it works just fine.

The 503 can be explained with the challenge. The question now is why you get a challenge on port 2087 but not on the others. This is the issue, right?

Can you post the actual URLs?

Exactly, why do port 2053, 2083 work, but not 2087.
They all use exactly the same mechanic:

socket=io(ch_server + ‘:2087’);

My jsChallenge is set to

Threat Score less than 50 = JS Challenge

If you go to this page and open the console you can see

connecting to event server
connected to event server

Which now of course works just fine. But it was firing errors the last 9h or so.

Opening that page immediately gave me a JavaScript challenge. So the websocket will naturally work and not request a challenge again, as it passed already when opening the page.

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