Websocket over ssl

Hi , i Have game server that has problems with ssl (casue to crash software)
iwant toknow that is there any solution that the web sockets uses ssl between user and Cloudflare via https websocket ports but cloud flare uses none ssl websockets ports with my server ?
for example currently i use port 8443 and everuthing goes well and the green icon is appear in the address bar but my software has problems with https , but iwant to user usess 8443 for cominnucation between him and cloud flare but Cloudflare uses 2052(none ssl version) for working to my server .
is there any solution for this ?

For starters, if you use SSL on the first connection you should also use it on the second.

Second, it is not clear what the issue is? Why does your software have problems with SSL? Can you post the actual URLs?