WebSocket issue WSS

I faced very strange issue related with websocket

I have 2 identical socket configuration


for dev all works fine
but for second WSS doesn’t work
just WS work as expected…

Seems to be Community Tip - Fixing Error 525: SSL handshake failed

Make sure you have a valid certificate on your production host.

I don’t have any certificates on both hosts

But on dev all works…

That is not good and means your site still is insecure.

Configure certificates on both.

I use flexible ssl

Exactly, that is not a secure setting and should never be chosen in the first place. Switch that to Full strict and make sure you have valid certificates everywhere.

That is impossible in my current structure
I have a lot of servers….

My main question: why the same configuration work for ws.dev.poliscan.net and doesn’t work on ws.poliscan.net

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