Websocket connection error

when i used dedicate ip my game server is ok and run and everything is ok,
but i used cloudflare on domain show me error websocket connection error
how can i fix that ?‌

like this :‌ ipadress:8880 <== work
but domain.com:8880 <== websocket connection error

Are you connecting via ws:// or via wss://?

thank you for answering
infact when i use my game server option [proxy wss = YES] show wws://mydomain:8880
but when i swap proxy wss to NO just show me connection for several minutes

Port 8880 does not work with TLS on Cloudflare. You should switch to one of the HTTPS-enabled ports

I do not have ssl, do I have to buy it? or i can cloudflare service without ssl service ?‌

If you want to use SSL you will have to configure it on your server anyhow.

Simply get a Lets Encrypt certificate or an Origin certificate from Cloudflare, both are free.

i change port to 8443 and show me error again

Well, 8443 is - as the list shows - an HTTPS port, so you have to use wss:// and you have to run that on your server to on that port and you need to configure the certificate.

thank you for helping i try and show feedback in here

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