Websites wouldn't load - why turning Argo Off would fix it

I have a couple of domains on Cloudflare, been using it for a few months no issues.

Today the websites wouldn’t load. Just says page can’t be displayed, mostly on mobile phones, but some desktops too.

The origin server looks perfect, hosted at Vultr.

So I turned OFF Argo, which I thought was a great idea. Then everything started working again. I don’t get it how could Argo suddenly just today be causing a problem?

I will keep investigating, I’m in Australia if that helps. So confused by this.

It might no be Argo, still found not loading for some people. Turned off the orange cloud and pages are loading. Not seeing an outage on the Cloudflare status page for Australia. Still confused, but turning off the orange cloud seems to be a short term fix. Until I can figure out what’s going on.

first of all you need the exactly error message you get, in what browsers? in what phones?
after that you will need to know if the requests hitting your origin or not

I don’t get an error message. It’s like a mobile carrier has firewalled Cloudflare or lost connectivity.

Telstra Mobile - Works Cloud Flare on/off
Optus Mobiles Works with Grey Cloud (direct to origin), but just eventually timeout with the Orange Cloud on. (No Cloudflare error message, just an eventual browser timeout).

Can’t confirm, so might Googe Optus + Cloudflare and see what comes up. That could be why I’m getting some people saying no problems, others saying website is broken. I’m pretty new to Cloudflare

can you tell exactly what its says?
anyway I have no idea what Optus Mobiles is, maybe someone else can help

Optus is 2nd largest mobile/internet company in Australia. (Which would account for approximately 1/4 of all visitors to the website). I have a mobile service with them, so I can test it myself. Same device on Wifi (different ISP, non issue works).

The exact browser error is:


Site can not be reached.

The origin server is OK… That indicates it can’t reach Cloud Flare.

This is the second report on Argo in last 24 hrs. Since everything was working fine for a while in your case, then maybe it is really an Argo issue. @cloonan

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I can’t rule that out 100%, but I think I had a false positive that Argo was the cause as two things changed (I intended only 1 to change). I switched off Argo, later I noticed my device jumped back to my wifi connection (which worked).

That then pointed me to my mobile carrier (Optus). My iPad is on Telstra (it works Argo on, off, Cloudflare on or off in dns).

Optus is definitely NOT working with Cloudflare on via DNS. Cloudflare off, it works.

My home internet, another provider is working in all modes like Telstra.

I’ve lodged a support case with Cloudflare, maybe there is a connectivity issue with Cloudflare and Optus, to the best of my ability to diagnose the problems I’m seeing and having reported from web users that would best explain the symptoms so far. It’s been going on for some time, most of the day so a ISP routing problem to Cloudflare for that long would be a rare thing I’d imagine. Anyway I’m trying to figure it out, but I can’t see all of the internet at once. I have 3 connections, 2 of mine work fine. I’m getting reports from twitter my websites are broken and others saying it’s good for them.

Turning Cloudflare off (going from Orange to Grey Cloud in dns) did seem to get some of those people reporting back it’s good for them now, but wasn’t before. I wish I could turn Cloudflare off for people on the Optus Network only, but that isn’t a thing @ Cloudflare and usually would be a useless feature except while I’m trying to figure out the problem exactly.

If only I could talk to a mobile phone company at 10:45pm at night who would actually try and diagnose if their network was working to Cloudflare. I think I’m best to go to bed and see if it’s resolved in the morning. If not at least I’ll be calling a mobile carrier in business hours and hopefully getting to someone with the ability to test my theory out.


Thank you, @leigh2, sorry for the issues you’re hitting. I see your ticket and added a link to this conversation. I’ll keep an eye on progress.

FYI Optus had a 4G outage in the last 24hrs not sure if related

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That appears to be the cause of the whole problem.

Turning Cloudflare off was a short term workaround. Looks to be fixed by Optus so I can turn Cloudflare back on.

Thanks for the help, hard to believe Optus had this kind of stuff up for so long, so I doubted my diagnostic skills first.


Argo “Smart” routing, was not Smart Enough to outsmart Optus Chaos Routing Table, they must have been very badly messed up. It was doing very strange things with Argo, I guess “trying” to bypass an outage. Customers on Optus did say they could fire up a VPN in many circumstances and get around the Optus 24 - 48 hour malfunction.


Yeah only reason I knew was literally just yesterday I activated my Optus 4G wireless broadband data sim service (18 day order/delay ordeal to get the data sim) and only for activated service to not work due to the outage LOL.